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Boldtbags 101

Microns and you

Welcome to Boldtbags 101 here we want to help you learn more about our bags, what you're looking at and what to look for! If you've found yourself wondering what the difference is between some of our bags, the colors and the kits then you've come to the right place!

Boldtbags uses only the finest food grade polyester mesh available. Each of these bags mesh micron sizes are different and are used for different things. The primary method that Boldtbags uses to tell what micron you're using is our unique color system that can be identified by looking at the top band of each bag be it Full Mesh or Classic.

LabelsThe micron sizes from high to low are:

25µ : Purple

45µ : White

73µ : Yellow

90µ : Black

120µ : Orange

160µ : Red

190µ : Green

220µ : Blue

The lower the micron, the more threads there are in a finer more tightly weaved pattern. This means that finer particles are strained and collected , ready for the freeze dryer.

It is important to note that our we sell different kits that include different assortment of bags. We sell 3 bag, 4bag and 8 bag  kits. We suggest that you pick up the 8 bag kits so that you have a complete set of micron mesh for all uses. However, the 3 bag kit contains your basic needs mesh bag kit and the 4 bag kit provides that one extra layer to bridge the gap.

5 Gallon Classic 3 Kits5 Gallon Classic 4Kits5 Gallon Classic 8Kits

The next thing to notice is that our bags come in two different styles.

The first is our Classic Bag style featured above. This bag style has a nylon sided bags that do not filter on the sides but instead have the mesh filter at the bottom. 

The second is our Full Mesh Bag style featured below. This bag style features a bag that is made entirely of mesh for faster draining. Our new Lock-top bags are featured exclusively in the Full Mesh style because it is the best.

5 Gallon Full Mesh 3Kit.5 Gallon Full Mesh 4Kit.5 Gallon Full Mesh 8Kit.

Congratulations on graduating Boldtbags 101. We hope this has been an informative lesson. Of course feel free to contact us with any additional questions via our contact link at the top of the page. 

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