65 Gallon Stainless Steel Barrel.

  • $3,995.00

Made of FDA Food Grade Compliant Steel

Boldtbags Stainless Steel barrels are made of 100% FDA compliant 304 steel.

Extremely easy to clean and maintain, with no spaces for bacteria/mold to grow.

Cryogenic Insulating Sleeve

Featuring a 1” thick insulating sleeve that can reduce ice usage by 50%,

Boldtbags stainless steel barrels can maintain a constant temperature of 35℉ for over 90 minutes with only one load of ice.

31” Diameter

23” Height

Return on equipment investment within 1 day at 3% yield*

3 Ports

65+ lbs of fresh frozen per day

Max volume per wash: 15,000g

Volume per day: 30,000g

Yield range per day: 900g-1,800g

$27,000- $54,000 revenue per day

Made in USA

*Center drain also available for an additional $500

*Custom port placement available

*Assuming two batches per day, washed 3x each

Certificate of compliance included

*This item is not eligible for free shipping

Depending on your location and order tare weight, there will be additional shipping fees for stainless steel items

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