Freeze Dryer Tray Liner (Medium) 7 pack kit.

  • SKU: TLS-5

Tray Liners for the Large Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer which has 8 trays. Tray liners save time and energy. Nothing is worse than wasting time scraping sticky hash off of the trays. Time better spent making more hash.

20″ Length

9.25″ Width

  • $120.00

Tray Liners are created for the Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers and are sized accordingly with the sizes of the trays for the machines. Each kit comes is stocked with the exact number of liners for the trays found in their corresponding size. The Tray Liners make it much easier for collection of product from the frozen surface of the basic trays for  he freezers. These liners are food grade material that save time and energy in the collection process.

20″ Length

9.25″ Width

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Weight 1 lbs

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