10 Gallon Full Mesh Stacker Lock-Top 8 Bag Kit.

  • $875.00

Lock top bags are the new product made with you in mind. Adjust your bag to the height you need and lock it in for easier product washing and collection. Custom designed with Full Mesh, these bags provide exceptional ice water sieving properties and award winning purity thanks to the large functional surface area and lightweight construction that allows for easy use and award winning results.

– Diameter 15.5″

– Depth 18”

The set includes:

● 220 micron bag (blue)

● 190 micron bag (green)

● 160 micron bag (red)

● 120 micron bag (orange)

● 90 micron bag (black)

● 73 micron bag (yellow)

● 45 micron bag (white)

● 25 micron bag (purple)

● Additional belt lock

● Scraping card

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