Deadbolt ™ Ultimate Storage Bags

Deadbolt ™ Ultimate Storage Bags are professional, odor-barrier protection bags for your most potent herbs, spices, veggies, meats and more!

The revolutionary triple layer laminate construction and water tight heavy duty ziplock provide complete protection against corrosion and oxidation. The FDA grade material allows for maximum puncture, tear and bursting strength, makes the bags suitable for boiling and freezing and they are microwave safe. Deadbolt ™ bags are easy to use with heat sealing equipment and are perfect for food, electronics at the beach or in the snow, work at high altitudes and are great for travel.

Deadbolt ™ 12″x17″
Deadbolt ™ 3″x4″
Deadbolt ™ 4″x6″
Deadbolt ™ 6″x8″
Deadbolt ™ 8″x10″
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